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The Arrivals Review (Prologue)

This series explores the revelation in world religions regarding the arrivals of the anti-christ Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of the Christ. A work inspired by Hashemsfilms and of course the words of the noble Quran, Bible, and the Torah. The Arrivals is a joint production by truth seekers Noreagaaa and Achernahr.

Firstly, in this short prologue article, I would like to suggest to all readers here to watch the series completely. There are 51  episodes on YouTube (was), The Arrivals Page on Facebook, and if you search deep enough you can even find it on some other video sharing sites.

Please, watch it first before reading this.

Comments, Critics, Opinion, and Point of View

"Thank you very mush for watching The Arrivals. Best thing you can do to understand whole message is, while watching The Arrivals series when a part comes which is very new to you, pause video and start searching about that topic on google. Go for an in-depth research by yourself. And after understanding it fully, resume with The Arrivals again, from where you have left. Once again thank you for watching and spreading the message" Awakening, admin of

"The Arrivals or just Arrivals and also known as The Wakeup Project, is a series of conspiracy theory videos that many young Muslims watch. It has a lot of speculation that is unproven. Muslim scholars have spoken against it too." WikiIslam.

"Recently gone through The Arrivals series and I appreciate the work done by everyone involved. The ideas can be very hard to digest but it is definitely an eye opener." Anonymous.

"The Arrivals series should not be watched brother. A general warning about the series must be issued. It is enough that the series was made by the shia and openly calls to shia aqeedah particularly regarding what would happen in the last days! It is definately shia dawah and propoganda. After that, there are MANY other mistakes in aqeedah, half truths, and speculation that cannot be affirmed or proven. Let the community learn the Qur'an and Sunnah with the understanding of the Sahaabah and not waste their time on such nonsense. Any information about masonry etc. should be taken from orthodox scholars of Islam and approved books on firaq wal adyaan. Please do what you can to warn the community and get the imams of masaajid to issue warnings as well." Tariq Preston, University of Madeenah.

"I'm Snowia from Pakistan. Mashaallah, congrats to you who made the effort and thanks a lot for this marvellous information, but I want to ask one thing that some people found these series really funny, like when I told my friends about this, they just made a fun of me, but I'm satisfied in my heart and soul. But what about those who really found it very funny ? Even some of my family friends were not considering this as a piece of knowledge. And what about the shiah sunni concept used over there? There is the part 48 in which there is written shia concept, and so why this is so? Why not all muslims written over there in place of shia concept? That's the reason of conflict for many people. I don't mind because I believe on just being a muslim, no shia sunni but although a point clicked on my mind too that why is this so?" Snowia, Pakistan.

"Its a shame that the same people who support freedom of speech, have removed this controversial documentary from the internet AGAIN. I had downloaded this series completely before and I swear to Allah that I will publish it as much as I can.
There is one obvious reason that they have deleted it again and that is because this documentary is true and it reveals things which all those Zionists don't like. I remember some people in you tube had written comments for arrival that this is a complete nonsense piece . Well, if that is true, then why they delete it from the net every now and then? I think its a case that the truth hurts! Keep up the good work brothers and be sure they can not stop us on revealing their satanic beliefs. You people showed that freedom of speech does not exists even in the US. You showed that all those who claim to be atheists, have indeed a religion which has satanic foundations. That message is why they delete your film from the internet and they will do so in the future." Anonymous.

"Having heard much about, The Arrivals, I finally watched the series. I thought I could learn something, but then realised that something was amiss. I write these words to awaken the overly trusting to points which might have been overlooked. Certain "facts” are in fact plain conjecture. Other facts which can easily be researched are simply copied and pasted without verification. For example, quotations are simply extracted from the audio, From the Shadows, including the most glaring error claiming that the Freemasons realised their error in France when they lost control of Napoleon. They therefore made certain that when they later inspired the American Revolution that they installed a Freemason, George Washington." Sulaiman Kindi.

"I hope young people watch such series rather than those like Lost! They learn much more in this way. Great job brothers. I was always thinking why we Muslims are so lazy that the only good film which we have made for Islam is the messenger for our prophet(pbuh) and that's it whereas Hollywood is making thousands each year and tens of films against us. We individuals or other small groups don't have enough budget to compete with them but on the other hand we can do our best. I will appreciate your work and I am now looking to make a film myself." Anonymous.

"The only reason it is successful is because of the Hollywood-style visuals, and special effects, and because of Muslims love to hear apocalyptic stuff. It imputes some sort of importance on them and makes them realize Islam matters, but only in a way that they feel they cannot fulfill and therefore creates despondency. But at the same time it creates such paranoia, pessimism and cynicism that there is little benefit from watching 8 hours of that drivel. This is the crux of the criticism. It is misusing Islam to make Muslims feel they are weak and powerless, and moreover that evil is the norm of the world, the undeniable nature of this world is sin. The brothers I know who are obsessed with this have become very confused, only really have an eye for evil and obstinate in thinking they are gaining something from all this conspiracy theories, when it is only increasing their disillusionment, and pushing them away from Allah." Anonymous.

"Other than for a few parts, I have not viewed The Arrivals, hence I am not in a position to comment on the critique presented by Br Sulaiman al-Kindi. I am however astonished by the large number of emails I have received from those who have become Muslims, who are now attracted to Islam, or who have had their faith in Islam revived as a result of viewing The Arrivals. That is no mean achievement in this age of declining interest in religion. A critique of The Arrivals that is worthy of a Muslim should therefore direct attention to the great good that has been done, even while pointing to alleged mistakes which have been made. Secondly, a critique of The Arrivals should not set out to be a demolition job; rather alleged mistakes should be addressed constructively and with due respect for the integrity of those brothers in faith who are being corrected. I have just had the very difficult task of writing a long essay entitled Iqbal and Pakistan’s Moment of Truth in which I have had to offer a critique of that great scholar’s thought – pointing to monumental errors I believe he made. Yet throughout my essay you will find evidence of my most profound respect for Iqbal. Br Sulaiman also ventured to offer a critique of views expressed in The Arrivals (that are also found in several of my books) pertaining to the Hadith of Sahih Muslim describing the length of Dajjals’s life on earth. The views expressed in The Arrivals concerning the length of each stage of Dajjal’s life on earth are different from mine, but I have made no attempt to respond to that since the authors of The Arrivals have never presented themselves as scholars. And I simply do not have the time to attempt to correct every mistake I find on the internet. Secondly I would have been astonished to find scholarly agreement with my interpretation of that Hadith on Dajjal since Jerusalem in the Qur’an was published in 2002 and, as far as I am aware, has not impressed the world of Islamic scholarship. I am now writing a comprehensive book on Dajjal which I hope, will clarify the subject Insha Allah." Imran Hosein,

So Many Things To Discuss, So Little Time

This article is just an introduction from what yet to come from me. I want to give a little less brain-storming above to the readers about The Arrivals. All the above writing never represent my real opinion about this series. Nevertheless, I will definitely review about it inshaallah.

Due to the fact that this series is very long with a tons of information in it, I think to review it just by one article is unacceptable. So how about per episode per article? More convenient I think, and easy to refer to.

But unfortunately, I think my review later will be in Bahasa Melayu (Malay), because, well, I have to admit, I'm better in Malay. If you want to translate it to English or any other languages, feel free to do so. May Allah helps us all.

I'm no ulama', nor scholar, nor genius, but I'm a Muslim, and I want to know the truth!
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  1. salam...

    nice job, to begin with...

    looking forward for the subsequent parts...

    lets see..."konvo dgn tenang x"...

  2. Dear All

    Reading thru the posts, i find that some of the Suni sect thinks it as a Shia propaganda. However, i suggest to watch the movie for the knowledge it is imparting and not on a Shia-Sunni basis. Though i am not a scholar, but i feel that the world happenings are depicted rightly in the documentary. Even if not 100%, one can accept 80% of it.

    Who or what is dajjal is not the main issue. But the events leading to the devastation of the socio-economic-religious aspects are to be refrained from. One cannot negate the fact that an Imam will reveal and eliminate the anti-christ/dajjal/evil/satan. Whether it be Imam Mehdi or an Imam of the then present time referred to as Imam Mehdi or his actual name, the Imam will show up to defeat what is satanic.

    Have you ever thought that satan is within ourselves and our thoughts are basically satanic that leads to evil doings?

  3. Este blog é uma representação exata de competências. Eu gosto da sua recomendação. Um grande conceito que reflete os pensamentos do escritor. Consultoria RH

  4. Arrivals consist of material that is taken from western conspiracy theorists such as David Icke, Leo Zagami, Bill Carlin ect ect..In addition Arrivals also contain material from muslim sources, tho' the only alims featured in the series are Yusuf Hamzah and Sheikh Imran Hosein, the rest being interviews with various western conspiracy theorists, some known, some totally unknown. Be that as it may, the inclusion of muslim material in the series DOES NOT give automatic credence to all the claims made by the western conspiracy theorists. One must distinguish what is comes from muslim sources and what is the work of conspiracy theorists. The topics covered by Arrivals is extensive and wide ranging and often refers to details that are obscure and not generally known such as royal genealogy, ancient history, arcane myths of long vanished civilisation and to an extent, a certain level of general knowledge and even better, specialised knowledge is needed to ascertain the truth about the claims made by these western conpsiracy theorists. Most importantly examine in detail the conspiracy theorists themselves and the veracity of their claims that should stand and fall based on facts. David Icke who features in the series, notorious for his reptilian theory and claiming that Queen Elizabeth is some sort of lizard vampire is also on record for stating that Islam was the invention of the Vatican. This sort of detail a person should know whren dealing with the agenda of the western conspiracy theorists.


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