Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Live Editor (Windows Live Writer)

Since 2008 I use Windows Live Writer as my blog editor to update my blog when I'm offline. It is one of the best and reliable software that Microsoft had produce. In mid 2010, I switch from PC to MAC as my platform for daily use and it seems that I had difficulty to update my blog. I spent 2 hours searching through the net, and found an app that can use as a blog editor, but still can't catchup with Windows Live Writer. At least this is some of the software that might come in handy in editing your blog when you are offline. For PC user, you can download Windows Live Writer over here. 

These are some of the cool feature that available in Windows Life Writer :
  •  Update your blog offline!
  •  You can edit your blog as you are writing inside it!
  •  Update picture, cropping it, edit picture as you are using Photoshop (i might  exaggerating a little bit)
  •  Built it spell checker, auto and easily link any word you want
  •  And much MORE!!!

For MAC user, there's some apps that come in handy to update your blog when you are offline. Not as good as Windows Live Writer, but it can definitely do a job.

1. Blogo ($25)
Blogo give nice user interference that might come in handy but not quite user friendly in terms of resizing size of image. Still it can be categorized as a beautiful application for MAC. Blogo comes with 21-day trial version.

User interface for Blogo

marsediticon128.jpg2.  MarsEdit ($39.95

If you’re a blogger like myself, you know that sometimes it’s a hassle to go to the website where you have your blog, type in your log-in info and wait for your website to load just so that you can type a paragraph or two about something interesting. If you would like to avoid this mess, then try MarsEdit.

Screen shot 2010-12-03 at 2.03.03 AM.png
Real time preview provide by MarsEdit

Screen shot 2010-12-03 at 1.53.53 AM.png
Draft in MarsEdit

After I had tried both Blogo and MarsEdit, I found that Blogo give a better user interface but it didn't provide real time 'picture' preview as Marsedit. I have tried to update my blog using iweb, but it seems that it is not compatible with Blogspot. I really miss Windows Live Writer so much :( Like always, you can still can get a serial in the net for free (for education purpose) in the internet, or you may PM me.

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