Monday, May 25, 2009

Barclays Premier League 08/09 End of Season Review

Liga Perdana Inggeris sudah pun menutup tirainya bagi musim 08/09. Seperti yang sudah diketahui, Manchester United berjaya mengekalkan kejuaraannya buat kali yang ketiga berturut-turut. Tahap mentaliti dan fizikal serta mental yang kuat untuk menjuarai Liga Perdana Inggeris membuatkan mereka sememangnya kelab bola sepak nombor satu dunia. Tahniah!

Sebagai penutup bagi musim ini, sedikit analisis dan komentar terhadap musim ini, dan beberapa penilaian peribadi saya buat untuk tatapan dan penilaian semua.

My Best Eleven of the season:

1. Edwin Van Der Sar (Goalkeeper) - Manchester United:
This guy is just getting better and better. Three months with a clean sheet makes him the best goalkeeper for the season

2. Keiran Gibbs (Defender) - Arsenal:
This youngster is making some attraction for the fans. At first he is only a temporarily substitute for Gael Clinchy but in my eyes, in another two or three seasons to come, he might overcome Clinchy himself

3. Rio Ferdinand (Defender) - Manchester United:
No need to explain more about it. The man that hold the balls from coming to Man Utd goal. With his pair, Vidic, they are "protector" of the Red Devils

4. Nemanja Vidic (Defender) - Manchester United:
World class defender truly he is. Even Gerrard admitted he should be the Player of the Year

5. Leighton Banes (Defender) - Everton
The little man makes few mistakes and add attacking impetus from left-back position. His efforts for Everton have attracted the notice of England manager Fabio Capello

6. Cristiano Ronaldo (Midfielder) - Manchester United
Eventhough he scored less than last season, he is still a thread to all. With his speed and agility, plus his shot accuracy, he is one of the player that really makes United attacking force dangerous

7. Steven Gerrard (Midfielder) - Liverpool
Many have said he is the player of the season, and maybe player of the year. I totally agree with it. His energy and leadership that makes Liverpool almost gap the cup from Man Utd

8. Micheal Carrick (Midfielder) - Manchester United
I just like him. It is hard to chose between him and Xabi Alonso, but I give him more credit as Man Utd is the winner of the league. His passing and point of view makes him a great playmaker for United. As for Fabregas, just unlucky with long-term injury this season, nothing much he had done this season

9. Theo Walcott (Midfielder) - Arsenal
"The Golden Boy" of Arsenal finally proved why he is a precious asset to the Gunners. His quick feet, great dribbling ability and speed, making him as the replacement for Beckham for England position.

10. Nicholas Anelka (Striker) - Chelsea
The Golden Boot winner of the season. Scored 19 goals in the league. A good season for him it is

11. Fernando Torres (Striker) - Liverpool
Two season already in Liverpool and he is in a way to become a legend there. His finishing is a top-class one. Only if he could be the top scorer, he also might be the player of the year

My Best Player of The Season:

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Yes, not Ronaldo, not Torres, nor do Anelka. It is Gerrard. He is the man behind Liverpool this season that almost win the Premier League. He is just outstanding just like he was a youngster many years ago, or maybe, better than before

Manager of The Season:

Guus Hiddink (Chelsea)
Scholari is a big dissapointment, but luckily Hiddink not. Scholari is bias, thankfully Hiddink is not. His management makes Chelsea stable on all their matches, if he going to stay for next season, maybe Chelsea can win the league again

Biggest Dissapointment:

Robbie Keane (Tottenham Hotspurs)
A big mistake made by Rafa Benitez to buy him. Cannot suit the style of Liverpool, finally Keane and Benitez both agreed that they cannot work with each other. Keane moved back to Spurs, and Liverpool just waste their money on him.

Worst Team:

Newcastle United
Relegated eventhough they have quite talented players. What is the problem? Player? Manager? Board of Director? Fans?

Best Transfer:

Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal)
Why? He is the saviour for the Gunners. He is the reason how Arsenal can bounce back to claim top four after a quite dissapointing season and too many injuries. He made a few impact after coming from January transfer, and hopefully for the next season he will be better and better for Arsenal

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