Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai: A Brief Comparison With Shinkenger


"Go Go Samurai! Rangers together! Samurai forever!"

Phuff! Is that some kind of jokes? Samuraizer? Go go samurai forever? Hahaha!

It's ok, really. I know way before that, how good Power Rangers Samurai is, and will be, it is obviously not as good as its counterpart, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Okay, last week was the premier of PR Samurai, so I decided to watch it on YouTube. Well, to be honest, eventhough it is not as good as Shinkenger (2009), it is better than Disney's PR. We get to hear the original Power Rangers theme modernized for the opening, which is kinda cool, and nostalgic. Saban sure wants to bring the nostalgia back to the adults who was born with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993).

Samuraizer! Go go Samurai! LOL

Surprisingly, PR Samurai episode one is Shinkenger episode three. Is it good to be like that? I mean, look at the past Sentais (I didn't watch Disney's PR so I can't make a comparison to it), usually there are two types of episode one. First, the episode to introduce them, how they meet each other and get their powers. Second, they already have their powers and just being smashing and hacking the monsters of the week. But, with PR Samurai episode one is being 'already get their powers' it is also character centric. We know that the scene when they get their powers will be a flashback, but to be character centric in the first episode or two is not right. Look at Boukenger (2006) and Go-onger (2008), they both first episodes are well balanced, being already have their powers but not character centric. Each member get their time to talk and fight. At least, we know a glimpse if not all characteristics of each member. Unlike PR Samurai premier where we only got to know that Mike (Green) is a gamer and physically not as strong as the other members. Is that it for the first episode? Bad story telling.

Some of you might say that the series will be better in later episodes. Yes it may, but to be good in episode one is vital. First impression is important, although it may not be correct.

Let's look into the new addition for PR Samurai where Shinkenger didn't have, the Mega Mode.

Yeah! Mega mode! Being Bulky! Being Heavy! Hurmph!
Nah, we just do it our way, SAMURAI way!

Seriously, what's the point with that? You get another mode when riding the Zords, but it's ugly. The helmet is already full with the kanji sign and still you want to add the mouth? Is 'the mouth' is a must have for every PR? How about the chest armor? It's big, its look heavy, its ugly, its bulky, and more, it's useless. You ride inside the Zords and you wear chest armor? Like you are going to get stabbed by something at the chest inside the Zords.

How about the catchphrase? The transformation?

Who say we didn't know Japanese? Let us write it: Sky, Fire, Water, Earth
Hey, its not just Japanese writing, its Kanji. And it's not Sky, its Heaven. LOL
Well, PR Samurai transformation is quite good. We know it is not going to be 1-2 minutes roll call like the sentais (which is for me, having a roll call is cooler and awesome). The graphic is good, having a mask inside the helmet is good, and I like it. The BGM is also nostalgic, the original MMPR theme.

The only thing that makes me laugh is the catchphrase, 'Rangers together samurai forever'. It's lame and unheroic. Why you yell to the villains like that? It makes them scare? Is there any significants? Let's look at Shinkenger, "The samurai sentai authorized by Providence, going forth!" That's cool. They get to fight monsters and they got authorized. And that is what being samurai is. Being samurai is being a servant to the lord. PR Samurai is not even close being samurai, just lame dialogues about fighting such as 'never give up', 'believe your instict' and what-so-ever. Look at Gaoranger (2001), the catchphrase is "When there is roar there is justice!", Gekiranger (2007) "Our Geki is the proof of justice!", Goseinger (2010) "Protecting the earth is angels' duty!" all have significant reason, justice and duty. Yes it is kids show, but let the kids having more sense of justice and right, not just 'yeah we are together and we are forever!".

What? Isn't it cool? I have mask before the helmet!
Holding the sword at the shoulder while saying
your full name, now that's AWESOME
Before I forgot, the episode title is 'The Team Unites'. I really don't feel it suits. The title seems like its going to be a first time teamwork, or they maybe fighting or urguing with each other before. But no. Just Green and Red fights the monster of the week, and all of them using their Zords to fight at the last 5 minutes of the show, together. Didn't they do it every week (fight together, unite)?

All in all, PR Samurai is just another kids show. Good or bad, it is just a matter of opinion. If you find it good, be it. I just don't think I want to stick watching it 'till the end. For me, it is just another Power Rangers series.

Chan chan bara! Chan bara bara!

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  1. yeah! definitely shinkenger is way better than PR samurai. in fact, all super sentai are better than their americanized power rangers.


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